Nov 182016

This compelling title describes photographs by Sandy Alpert and Arthur Griffin, showing until November 27 at the Griffin Museum at the Stoneham Theatre. Today I made my first visit to this satellite location of the Griffin, whose main location is in nearby Winchester, MA. The images are shadowy, mysterious and yes, ghostlike. Visit and let me know what you think!man-with-briefcase_alpert-420x621

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Mar 202014

Editor’s Note: The Griffin is a terrific arts institution located just North of Boston. I’ve also seen the Wilson’s present on several occasions – strongly recommended. Bring the kids! 

Date: Sunday, March 23, 2014
Time: 4pm – 5:30pm
Location: Griffin Museum of Photography, 67 Shore Rd, Winchester, MA 01890

Who’s watching you? Find out on Sunday, March 23rd when Eyes On Owls presents a live owl program in conjunction with the Griffin Museum of Photography and sponsored by Digital Silver Imaging and LensProToGo. This program is a hoot for everybody from grade K through adults. All who attend are in for some fun with educational close-up views of these secretive birds of prey. Continue reading »

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Nov 202012

© Paul Mozell
A friend who manages a farmers market referred a photographer to me who is thinking about renting a space and selling some photographs. Although I have never made this sort of commitment myself, I have done a lot of research. Here is what I shared with that photographer—everything I can think of about successful selling in this kind of environment

Indoor fountains with lasers and synced music.

  • Do a thorough analysis of your costs, including the time you put into preparing, shipping, mounting, and packaging your work. Only then can you decide how to price your work. This holds true for any photographic business venture.
  • Study the competition’s pricing. I run into a lot of photographers and artists who are selling their work at prices that seem far too low.
  • Decide if you want to sell bare prints (shrink-wrapped, or bagged, with a backing board included), matted and mounted; or; matted, mounted, and framed.
  • Figure out what you are going to do with your excess inventory. Do you have the space to store the product in your home? I think you’ll find out very soon that you can’t sell at just one arts and crafts event. It’s just not worth the trouble and the expense. But if you do want to jump in, plan on doing 4, 6, or 10 shows per season. That’s how you’ll make some real money.
  • This is a business. Don’t do it just to feel good – although I hope you will! Continue reading »
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Jul 222012

by Paul Mozell

Steve Rosenthal is an architectural photographer based in the Boston area whose work for leading architectural and design firms has earned him numerous awards throughout a long career. In his spare time between commercial shoots, one of his passions has been to record the beauty of rural 18th and 19th century churches in New England. I visited the Manchester Historical Museum in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts which is hosting an exhibit of this work until September 1, 2012.

The photographer has succeeded in honoring the design, simplicity, Continue reading »

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Nov 252011

© Andreas Gursky/courtesy Christie’s

Gursky’s “Rhein II” is a 143 x 73-inch signed chromogenic print in an edition of six.

Andreas Gursky’s “Rhein II” sold for $4,338,500 at an auction of contemporary art at Christie’s auction house in New York on November 8, making it the most expensive photo sold at auction. This is the second time a Gursky print has held this distinction. His 2001 photo “99 Cent II Diptychon” sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $3,346,456 in 2007, and was only displaced in May 2011, when a 1981 Cindy Sherman self-portrait sold for $3,890,500 at Christie’s. The buyer of “Rhein II” is unknown. Continue reading »

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Nov 142009

This week I attended the opening of a joint show by Susan Bank, Stella Johnson, and Rania Matar at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. The exhibition of exclusively black & white prints, documents the lives of Cuban tobacco farmers; remote villages in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Cameroon; and the women and children of the middle east, respectively. Continue reading »

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Jan 252008

© Paul Mozell 2008

If you knew nothing about the history of Ellis Island, the photographs by Stephen Wilkes of the abandoned buildings on this lonely outpost in New York Harbor, would stir your emotions. In a show at the Griffin Photography Museum in Winchester, Massachusetts which runs until March 30, 2008, we see the result of a 5 year long project to document the crumbling buildings that were the portal to America for thousands of immigrants. Continue reading »

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