Mar 072016

© Paul Mozell

As a lifelong photographer and hiker I am on a never-ending quest to find the ultimate lightweight, customizable backpack to carry both my hiking and my camera gear. With the release of the Photo Sport BP 300 AW II ($172.99), Lowepro shows that it is possible to accommodate the needs of adventure, outdoor, travel, and sports photographers who require nimble and flexible equipment.

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Apr 132014

© Paul Mozell 2014

9780415831451Monochromatic HDR Photography: Shooting and Processing Black & White High Dynamic Range Photos
Focal Press, New York and London
Harold Davis
208 pages.$39.95 (USD),£24.99 (GBP)

Just when I thought I had completed reading everything meaningful about HDR, or High Dynamic Range photography, a book arrived on my desk that addresses the world of black & white photography in the HDR context. I’m a student once again. Continue reading »

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Apr 032014

© Paul Mozell

9780415828260This Modern Romance: The Artistry, Technique, and Business of Engagement Photography
Focal Press, New York and London
Stephanie Williams and Christen Vidanovic
198 pages. Price:$29.95 (USD) £18.99 (GBP)

Focal  Press, a publisher of books for creatives and imaging experts and hobbyists, has released a title about the business of engagement photography.

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Nov 092013

© Paul Mozell 2013

As digital photography continues to evolve, High Dynamic Range or HDR technique keeps pace with the cascade of changes. Until we reach a point where image capture and output devices can reproduce what the human eye can and transmit to our brains, HDR will retain its place in photography. Keeping us on track, Unified Color Technologies has simplified the process of combining a series of bracketed exposures into one harmonious image with ample shadow and highlight detail, minimal noise and subtle color rendition.

Eastern Red Cedar 1 of 3
Eastern Red Cedar 2 of 3
Eastern Red Cedar 3 of 3
Final HDR image shows good shadow detail in the bark
Gibbs Brook Falls 1 of 3
Gibbs Brook Falls 2 of 3
Gibbs Brook Falls 3 of 3
Final HDR Image has detail in the water and the shadows on the left
Living Room 1 of 3
Living Room 2 of 3
Living Room 3 of 3
Final HDR image — good balance between exterior and interior lighting

In this first example I Continue reading »

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Jul 092013

© Paul Mozell

A New Take On the Adventure Photo Backpack

070913-101I’ve got camera shoulder bags that look like briefcases; a rolling bag that carries the works; a heavy duty backpack that’s great for a long day on the trail with big glass;  an ultra-light daypack that carries one body and just 2 lenses; and many others. And now I’m enjoying the new Lowepro Flipside Sport 20L AW® — an innovative backpack that does it all — carrying a lot, with quick access, and  protection for my gear in the great outdoors. Continue reading »

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Jan 182013

© Paul Mozell

Until I opened the book, “In Wildness Is The Preservation of the World,” I had not heard of the photographer Eliot Porter. As a high school junior I was unaware that landscape photography was a discipline within the visual arts, as distinct and noble as photography of sports, current events, portraits, fashion, and weddings.

Spruce Trees in Fog, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, August 20, 1954 (Amon Carter Museum of American Art P1990-51-3026-3)

Although I was the son of a professional cinematographer and still photographer, the names of photographic giants Ansel Adams and Edward Weston were of little importance to me. At the moment I first turned the pages of “In Wildness” in our living room, my teenaged mind — swirling with the psychedelic imagery of the Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix and 1960’s pop art— was brought to a new place by the large-format, sublime, color photographs of Eliot Porter. Continue reading »

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Dec 252012

© Paul Mozell

Has Lowepro successfully designed the ideal camera backpack  for backcountry use? The Rover Pro 45L AW and Rover Pro 35L AW are for hiker-climber-photographers who go off the beaten path and need to protect their camera gear and carry essential gear and clothing for comfort and survival. I took the Rover Pro 45L for a field test.

untitled-100My view of this new camera pack is shaped by a lifetime of experience as a dayhiker and 4-season backpacker, and as an outdoor photographer. The challenges for me are to find a way to carry and protect just the right amount of camera gear, as well as enough gear to support the hike itself. Doing most of my trekking in the mountains of New England means that I must be prepared for extremes of weather at all times of the year. An all-day summer hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, for example, might require full top and bottom rain-gear, a warm layer, first aid kit, lunch and snacks, map, headlamp, and at least 2 liters of water. Continue reading »

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Dec 072012

by Paul Mozell—

I just finished the best book I’ve ever read on the subject of copyright protection, model releases, and invoices for photographers.

The authors, Edward Greenberg and Jack Reznicki are a dynamic duo composed of an experienced copyright attorney and a veteran New York commercial photographer. Photographers and artists are generally not the best business people. Rather than make you feel stupid for neglecting getting essential protection for your work, they will spur you to action with humor, anecdotes and enough  legaleeze to make you feel empowered. Continue reading »

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Jun 182012

© Paul Mozell

Using the Storm Jacket size “large” with a Nikon and 70-200mm. Hat by REI.

Some of my best photographs have been created in the worst conditions. It’s not that I go out looking for bad weather. Rather, I know that blowing wind, rain, and snow can add an exciting element to picture taking. I enjoy the variable weather of New England and don’t want to be stopped by a Continue reading »

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May 012012

In my long search for a better camera strap it never occurred to me that a camera could be carried on the hip like a six-shooter—until I tried out the SpiderPro® holster from the folks at Shai Gear, LTD. 

My first camera; a classic Kodak Brownie, had a thin leather strap attached to a thick leather case. A similar flimsy strap was riveted to the cases of my Kodak Retina II, Rolleicord twin-lens reflex and Pentax Spotmatic 35 mm cameras. When the straps broke I sewed them back on, or substituted a length of nylon parachute cord. When I became a stringer (freelance) photo-journalist for the wire services I carried a bag of heavy, all-metal cameras, motor drives, batteries, speedlights, and accessories. Two cameras on thin straps dangled around my neck; one with a 35mm or 28mm lens and the other with something longer. Continue reading »

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Feb 062012
Lowepro Messenger AW 180

The mid sized bag in the series

by Paul Mozell

I recently field tested two new camera bags from Lowepro, both on the trail and on the street. The Lowepro Pro Messenger AW 180 is a mid-sized shoulder bag that will haul a surprising amount of gear discretely and comfortably. It’s not exactly a messenger bag in the traditional sense—a large floppy shoulder bag first used by bicycle messengers to carry packages and envelopes. Rather, this bag is more like a hefty laptop case than anything else. Most importantly, it has a very generic and ordinary look; important attributes for a camera bag if you don’t wish to attract the eyes of thieves, or alert wary photographic subjects. Continue reading »

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Jul 122011

© Paul Mozell 2011

Focal Press, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc., has published a number of books by pro photographers, about photography, within the past year. These slim volumes will appeal to both new and experienced shooters. Thumbing through the stack of books for the first time, I was impressed with the quality of graphic design as well as the attention to detail from page to page. The books are printed on heavy stock, and both monochrome and color images really pop. Even the software screen captures are clearly visible.  The Focus On series parses the most important teaching points of feature-rich software products to a very manageable level. Volumes in the Field Guide series are compact enough (4.5 x 6 inches) to toss in a camera backpack for reference or inspiration when photographing on location. Continue reading »

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