Aug 032014

Multiple exposure

To show a sequence of several frames follow these steps:

  1. Fire away a sequence of continuous shots. If you can capture the sequence without moving the camera, you’ll save work in the next step. Otherwise, pan carefully, doing your best not to tilt the camera
  2. In Adobe Lightroom, select several of the best frames. Ensure that they all have the same exposure and color temperature values, as best you can.
  3. Open those frames as layers in Photoshop. Now you have to manually align the frames. Turn off the visibility on all but the top and bottom layer.
  4. Using Photoshop’s auto-align function may not work well because it is going to attempt to align the diver (or your key subject) when what you want is to align the background. Select the top layer and reduce the opacity to 40 or 50%. Then, grab that layer and move it until the backgrounds line up. If you remember rangefinder cameras this will be a bit like lining up the split image in those classics of the film era. Restore the opacity to 100%
  5. Turn off the top layer and turn on the next layer beneath it and repeat the alignment. Continue down the stack of images.
  6. With all the layers turned on create a layer mask for the top layer. Select a paintbrush tip with no feathering and paint away part of the top image to reveal the (diver) below. Switch the paint color back and forth between White and Black to paint in, or paint out the image.
  7. Work your way down through the stack of images turning layers on and off to check your work.

With  a little practice you’ll get the hang of it.

Have fun!

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Jul 042014

So Where Can I Fly My Drone? – Mt. Rushmore vs. Oregon Dunes – Businessweek.

This is very relevant to both professional and hobbyist photographers. We’ll be watching carefully as the drone issue unfolds and the FAA and local government decide how to deal with them.

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Apr 132014

© Paul Mozell 2014

9780415831451Monochromatic HDR Photography: Shooting and Processing Black & White High Dynamic Range Photos
Focal Press, New York and London
Harold Davis
208 pages.$39.95 (USD),£24.99 (GBP)

Just when I thought I had completed reading everything meaningful about HDR, or High Dynamic Range photography, a book arrived on my desk that addresses the world of black & white photography in the HDR context. I’m a student once again. Continue reading »

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Apr 032014

© Paul Mozell

9780415828260This Modern Romance: The Artistry, Technique, and Business of Engagement Photography
Focal Press, New York and London
Stephanie Williams and Christen Vidanovic
198 pages. Price:$29.95 (USD) £18.99 (GBP)

Focal  Press, a publisher of books for creatives and imaging experts and hobbyists, has released a title about the business of engagement photography.

Continue reading »

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Apr 012014

Is this a good thing? Your opinion?

(CNN) — Online photo archive Getty Images is opening 35 million images to online publishers to use free of charge, acknowledging that many of its pictures are already being copied anyway. Continue reading »

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Mar 202014

Editor’s Note: The Griffin is a terrific arts institution located just North of Boston. I’ve also seen the Wilson’s present on several occasions – strongly recommended. Bring the kids! 

Date: Sunday, March 23, 2014
Time: 4pm – 5:30pm
Location: Griffin Museum of Photography, 67 Shore Rd, Winchester, MA 01890

Who’s watching you? Find out on Sunday, March 23rd when Eyes On Owls presents a live owl program in conjunction with the Griffin Museum of Photography and sponsored by Digital Silver Imaging and LensProToGo. This program is a hoot for everybody from grade K through adults. All who attend are in for some fun with educational close-up views of these secretive birds of prey. Continue reading »

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Mar 132014

Calumet Photographic files for bankruptcy and suddenly closes down – Consumer News – Crain’s Chicago Business.

The abrupt closing of the Calumet Photographic stores in the US can only mean that they were unable to compete with Amazon and perhaps with a few of the megastores in New York. Over the years I bought new equipment, supplies like seamless backdrops and film, rented gear, and bought value-priced store-brand products such as light stands and crates. You just can’t buy everything online. Calumet will be missed.

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Feb 092014

Fresh DaffodilsOne of the many blessings of digital photography is the ability to make super-sharp images with an extended depth of field. In this still-life of a vase of fresh daffodils sitting on my dining room table, my goal was to make the image sharp from front to back; something that could not be achieved with one shutter click. The process is known as focus stacking, or image stacking and is derived from methods used in scientific, medical, and industrial photography. Continue reading »

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Dec 062013

© Paul Mozell 2013

In these days of instant communications, choosing a new digital camera or upgrading an older one can be a challenging task. I’m going to try to make the choice a little easier with a brief glossary of terms and some street-level advice. Perhaps you’ll be better prepared  at the height of gift-giving season.


Sony NEX 6

Camera Phone: Even older flip-phones have cameras — albeit of rather poor quality — while the latest generations of phones have cameras and software that produce pretty good images. So, the question stands: “Is the camera phone all you need?” Well, the answer depends on your needs and expectations. Continue reading »

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Nov 092013

© Paul Mozell 2013

As digital photography continues to evolve, High Dynamic Range or HDR technique keeps pace with the cascade of changes. Until we reach a point where image capture and output devices can reproduce what the human eye can and transmit to our brains, HDR will retain its place in photography. Keeping us on track, Unified Color Technologies has simplified the process of combining a series of bracketed exposures into one harmonious image with ample shadow and highlight detail, minimal noise and subtle color rendition.

Eastern Red Cedar 1 of 3
Eastern Red Cedar 2 of 3
Eastern Red Cedar 3 of 3
Final HDR image shows good shadow detail in the bark
Gibbs Brook Falls 1 of 3
Gibbs Brook Falls 2 of 3
Gibbs Brook Falls 3 of 3
Final HDR Image has detail in the water and the shadows on the left
Living Room 1 of 3
Living Room 2 of 3
Living Room 3 of 3
Final HDR image — good balance between exterior and interior lighting

In this first example I Continue reading »

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Oct 162013

This is a wonderful film about photographer Richard Avedon; part of the PBS American Masters Series. I have very little interest in fashion or fashion photography yet I have always found Avedon and his work a source of endless fascination. How he orchestrated his images, worked with people, loved life, and made stunning portraits of the famous and the not-famous among us.

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Sep 032013

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