Nov 202012

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A friend who manages a farmers market referred a photographer to me who is thinking about renting a space and selling some photographs. Although I have never made this sort of commitment myself, I have done a lot of research. Here is what I shared with that photographer—everything I can think of about successful selling in this kind of environment

Indoor fountains with lasers and synced music.

  • Do a thorough analysis of your costs, including the time you put into preparing, shipping, mounting, and packaging your work. Only then can you decide how to price your work. This holds true for any photographic business venture.
  • Study the competition’s pricing. I run into a lot of photographers and artists who are selling their work at prices that seem far too low.
  • Decide if you want to sell bare prints (shrink-wrapped, or bagged, with a backing board included), matted and mounted; or; matted, mounted, and framed.
  • Figure out what you are going to do with your excess inventory. Do you have the space to store the product in your home? I think you’ll find out very soon that you can’t sell at just one arts and crafts event. It’s just not worth the trouble and the expense. But if you do want to jump in, plan on doing 4, 6, or 10 shows per season. That’s how you’ll make some real money.
  • This is a business. Don’t do it just to feel good – although I hope you will! Continue reading »
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Mar 182011

How many photographers have reviewed their work and found that important images were slightly out of focus? Probably the vast majority of shooters have experienced this ailment at one time or another. Datacolor, best known for its color calibration products has introduced SpyderLensCal, a simple-to-use but accurate tool for measuring and adjusting the accuracy of your camera’s autofocus system. Continue reading »

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Aug 252009

Lowepro, the camera bag maker may be best known for its extensive line of gear for outdoor and nature photographers. With the release of the Classified series of bags, they have shown creativity and innovation in the realm of “urban” or “street photographer” bags. Continue reading »

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