Review: Keeping Your DSLR Dry In Wet Weather

© Paul Mozell

Using the Storm Jacket size “large” with a Nikon and 70-200mm. Hat by REI.

Some of my best photographs have been created in the worst conditions. It’s not that I go out looking for bad weather. Rather, I know that blowing wind, rain, and snow can add an exciting element to picture taking. I enjoy the variable weather of New England and don’t want to be stopped by a little moisture in the air. There are plenty of rain covers on the market ranging from single use plastic bags to fairly elaborate products with all sorts of sleeves, zippers and fasteners.  I have stumbled across the camera rain cover that satisfies my requirements for ease of use, portability, and price. The Storm Jacket® from Vortex Media is a tube of waterproof ripstop nylon fabric. Adjustable closures at both ends are built with elastic shock cords and sliding cord-locks. It takes less than a minute to slide the Storm Jacket over your camera and lens, tightening one end around the lens hood and the other around the back of the camera, and you’re ready to shoot.

I tested the Storm Jacket in my Massachusetts home town on a day when conditions varied from hard rain to blowing mist. My goal was to photograph spring flowers covered with rain drops and, keep my camera reasonably dry. I popped in and out of my car many times, sometimes hand-holding the camera and other times mounting it on a tripod. The “Pro” model of Storm Jacket has a Velcro fastened slot on the bottom of the bag that lets you easily pop the camera on to a tripod head quick-release. I’m looking forward to using the Storm Jacket in blowing snow and at the seashore, where blowing sand is a camera’s worst enemy.

Storm Jacket is manufactured in the USA by Vortex Media. It is available in sizes to accommodate lenses of any length,  and comes with a handy carrying pouch. Several colors too.  Click here to visit the manufacturer’s site. Don’t leave home without it!

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