Photography Podcasts: 3 Favorites

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I’ve been hooked on podcasts for several years and I know there’s always something I can listen to during a long drive or a wait at the doctor’s office. Photography podcasts abound and several deserve a mention in this space. The visual medium of photography may seem like an unusual subject for audio broadcast, but it works.

For the uninitiated, podcasts are archived audio or video broadcasts that can be viewed or listened to on one or more delivery media. Podcasts may be drawn from traditional broadcast radio and television channels such as NPR, produced by businesses, or put together by citizen podcasters. The latter type may be the most fun; often echoing the spirit of free-wheeling college radio.

You can search for and download countless podcasts on the Apple iTunes store. Often you can listen to podcasts directly on the home website of the producer. Listen to podcasts on your iPod with earphones or feed the output into your car radio. Production frequency  varies from daily to weekly, to bi-weekly. Audio and editing quality may not always be up to network news standards so tune your ears to the value of the content rather than the clarity of the audio. Here are my favorite photo podcasts:

This Week In Photo: Frederick Van Johnson hosts an invigorating round-table discussion about photography products, business practices, trade shows and trends with a varying cast of photographers from a variety of disciplines. The panel includes shooters from the worlds of food, wedding, portrait, journalism, architecture, travel, and stock photography. Most shows also feature an in-depth one-on-one interview.

screen-captureThe Digital Photo Experience: Co-hosts Rick Sammon and Juan Pons host a lively show from their home bases in Croton-on-Hudson, NY, and Bangor, ME, respectively. Sammon is the author of over 36 books on photography, world traveller, frequent lecturer/speaker, and a workshop leader with a global following. His specialty is in “not specializing.” Juan Pons is a wildlife and nature photographer and workshop leader.  Together these two are the “Click & Clack” of photography podcasting. Their rambling discussion covers technique, the essentials of composition, Photoshop and Lightroom tips, and gear talk. Most shows include an interview with a compelling guest photographer.

The Candid Frame: Host & producer Ibarionex Perello is a photographer, writer, and educator with over twenty years of experience in the photographic industry. His photographs and articles have appeared in numerous publications. Perello’s interview style is notable for the intelligence of his questions, the rapore with his guests, his genuine curiosity, and accessible soft-spoken manner. Highly recommended.

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