Adobe Creative Cloud — Does It Help Photographers?

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Today I had an online chat with an Adobe sales representative. He answered my questions about the Creative Cloud — well sort of. Here’s part of the transcript:
Edmund: Hi, may I have your first name please?
Paul: What good is creative cloud if you are out of range of WiFi? Who does this benefit other than Adobe?
Paul: Paul
Paul: R you there?
Edmund: Hello Paul.
Edmund: Sorry for the delay.
Edmund: I?ll be happy to help you with that.
Edmund: You don?t have to be connected to the internet all the time. Since the applications are directly downloaded to your system you will not need an ongoing Internet connection to use them on a daily basis.
Paul: So when does Photoshop, for example, connect with Adobe to verify the subscription?
Paul: How many computers can I load an ap on in my home?
Edmund: To verify the subscription you will need to be connected to the Internet once a month for the updates.
Edmund: You can use Creative Cloud desktop applications on two computers at once, regardless of operating system
Paul: What happens after 30 days if you don’t connect – say you’re travelling in Africa?
Edmund: Before I provide the option and link to purchase, I’d like to know, what are the tasks would you like the software to help you accomplish?
Paul: I’m not ready to buy today
Edmund: Sorry please ignore the statement.
Edmund: To use the software at any point of time you do not need the Internet, you just need to get an update that you can connect just once in every month.
Paul: That doesn’t answer my question really. If you have no internet service you can’t get the update. Does the software then time out?
Edmund: To run the  software you can use it offline at anytime however, if you need to get an update you will connected to Internet
Edmund: I appreciate your interest in choosing online chat for your purchase today. How soon do you wish to use this software?
Paul: Then I assume you must commit to one year of service up front
Edmund: I’m sorry there is no option to purchase the annual subscription up front.
Edmund: You will need to pay monthly.
Edmund: That is the reason you will need to be connected to the Internet once in every month.
Paul: What was wrong with the old business model?
Paul: If you don’t like the service can you cancel the monthly contract?
Edmund: Yes you can cancel the subscription at any point of time you want.
Paul: Thank you, I have to run

Plenty of dodging and burning of my questions as I see it. How about you? Any sense that Creative Cloud is good for anyone other than Adobe?

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