Summer Woods

© Paul Mozell 2009

Tall Trees

Tall Trees in Breakheart

Although it’s a mere 12 miles from Boston, the forest protected by Breakheart Reservation is lush and resplendent in late summer green. Once again, I am relishing my new-found photographic toy; HDR, or High Dynamic Range processing. This file wants to be printed LARGE and TALL! My D300 was mounted on a Manfrotto tripod. Five bracketed exposures were triggered with a Nikon MC-20, an accessory I bought years go to use with an N90S body. Amazing, that it hasn’t been obsoleted!

On a day like this one, take care that the mosquitoes don’t fly in your camera body when changing lenses. Any wind would have ruined this photograph because the leaves in the overlaid files would never have been in alignment. However, a breeze might have blown away a few of the bugs. Let’s hear it for winter photography!

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