End of Summer In Franconia Notch

"The Basin" in Franconia Notch is formed by the headwaters of the Pemmigiwasett River

"The Basin" in Franconia Notch is formed by the headwaters of the Pemigiwasett River. This is a multiple exposure, each frame at a little more than one second. © Paul Mozell 2009

This weekend I returned to some favorite photographic and hiking haunts in Franconia Notch and found familiar themes and a few surprises, including earlier fall colors and a rugged volunteer trail crew.

Hobblebush in Autumn Color

Hobblebush with Autumn Colors. The leaves of this small tree can be colored purple to red; later they'll have bright red berries. © Paul Mozell 2009

The Basin

The Pemigiwasett River carves "The Basin" in ancient granite as it courses through Franconia Notch, New Hampshire. These shapes remind me of Edward Weston's famous series of peppers.© Paul Mozell 2009

Trail reconstruction

Volunteer members of The Trailwrights move a large boulder to build a rock step in The Pemigiwasett Trail. Full restoration of the popular trail may take up to 3 years. © Paul Mozell 2009


A summer of heavy rains have kept the Pemigiwasett River running high as fall approaches. © Paul Mozell 2009

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