Black & White Panorama On Quincy Bay

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Quincy Bay © Paul Mozell 2009

Although I’ve lived in the Boston area for many years, this long, rocky Wollaston Beach has escaped me. On my way home from a rather urban photo shoot in Quincy, Massachusetts, I had a strong urge to shoot at least one good landscape.

I had packed my camera bag planning to shoot only building interiors, and left the polarizer at home. But this was a day that called out for the magic that a polarizer can make; accenting puffy clouds, darkening the blue sky, and cutting through the haze. I set up my Nikon D300 on a tripod, straightened it with a spirit level, and took 3 overlapping shots. Later, in the digital darkroom, I imported the files in Lightroom, and merged the panorama in Photoshop. After achieving a “polarizer effect” in Lightroom using the Vibrance and Luminance tools, I had a sense that the new image would have merit as a black & white photograph. Now in monochrome mode as I darkened the sky further still, I was taken back to my chemical darkroom days, when I often used Red or Yellow filters with Tri-X or Plus-X film to achieve this same effect in camera, fine tuning the effect further still with variable contrast filters and papers.

You can visit Wollaston Beach in Quincy, MA, any day of the year and if you want to sound like a local, pronounce it Quin-Zee.

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