Fall Leaves Are Down–Yet There’s Plenty of Color

© Paul Mozell 2009


When the bright yellow and red leaves of New England’s maples, birch, beech and oak have fallen, there is still plenty of color to photograph. I especially enjoy the rust colors that emerge from the cattails, willow, and grasses. On a dry, clear afternoon in November, the light quickly warms as the sun drops toward the horizon. A few more wine colored shrubs in the foreground would have made this image even more powerful.

A twist of the polarizing filter deepens the blue sky, and the reflections in the marsh, of the floodplain of the Ipswich River. Here in the 3000 acres of the Ipswich River Wildlife Refuge in Topsfield, MA, my 8 year old daughter Molly and her friend Cailyn also found 2 beaver lodges, 2 white tail does, red and grey squirrels, and several varieties of dragonflies.

This image is the stitched-together result of three portrait orientation frames, each shot at 18mm on an APS-C sensor of a Nikon D300. I’ve been thinking about picking up a wider zoom lens but I’m concerned about the amount of distortion I’d be getting, along with the increased coverage area. This stitched image is quite satisfactory

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