Fixing the Keyword Export in Lightroom 2.0

Adobe Lightroom, radical changer of photographers’ workflow the world over, still has some imperfections. Recently, I’ve been frustrated to find that the stack of keywords I assign to stock images are not always exported with the file when using the Export command. I discovered that when clicked in the Keyword List, many of the keywords have the “Include On Export” check box de-selected. I went over and over the Lightroom menus many times, but could not find an appropriate preference setting to use. Finally, I found the cure on the Adobe site.

It turns out that when you import a catalogue from Lightroom 1.x to version 2.0, the default setting is de-selected. However, new keywords created in version 2.0 do have a checkmark. The solution adds a simple Script pulldown menu to your toolbar that converts the keyword library with a few keystrokes. Happy keywording to you! Not the great joy of my life.

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